My Bookshelf Nightmare, or, How to Set Up Your Books on the Cheap

Having recently moved into a new apartment, boy was I looking forward to getting all my books out of the boxes! The situation was less than ideal. I love our new apartment and its location, but 1-bedrooms are not well-suited to hosting hundreds of books all that well. I resigned myself to an open-minded and realistic attitude. An extra hundred dollars a month for a second bedroom for my books was a bit ‘excessive’. (Especially while I’m saving $$ for the next phase of my education).

It soon became clear that the system I used at our spacious previous location would not work. I was pretty much looking for floor-to-ceiling shelving without spending too much on it. Ikea here I come!

B.C bookshelf

So the unorganized result you’ll soon see below is mostly due to my desire to get the biggest bang for my buck. I found a bookshelf that fit the requirements for $30. I was sold. The problem (besides having to put them together myself) were the wide-spaced shelves this unit comes with. Other bookcases would have done the job better, but for a lot more money. Well I was going to make it work. Maybe go for that eclectic/scholar look. This was the plan in my head.

And of course the pirate ship chandelier would have set everything off nicely.

And of course the pirate ship chandelier would have set everything off nicely.

You can already tell this stylistic slobbiness is not what the end result was. It really isn’t horrible, but just so far from what my hopes of it were. This is what happened.Bookshelf2

Since this picture was taken, sloppy expansion has commenced, and is thriving. It is very annoying to try and dredge books up that are sideways all the time, and since I just lent my sister-in-law a bunch of books everything is left a little lop-sided. Lastly, any new books I purchase will just have to go pell-mell, cause I’m not going to be reorganizing this thing for a good long time. Besides this, I have to admit this system has kind of won me over. My books may not be taking over all the living space like I would want them too, but it’s sure a nice wall of books to look at.

Happy reading!


One response

  1. Since your sloppy expansion is in effect, maybe you can take the books that you’ve left at our hourse, back to your place. Funny article Kaite. It gave me my first Tuesday chuckle.

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