Acknowledgements: Yay or Meh?

The other day I finished a book with a somewhat unsatisfying ending. I thought I still had three more pages to go, but no, it was merely the author’s acknowledgements. I read them, partly because I needed to prolong the moment until the book was truly over, and partly because I always do. This time I was hoping they would lend me some insight as to why she chose that ending (it didn’t). Still, as I skipped the long list of names of people I don’t know or care about, and got to the funny thank-yous to immediate family, I wondered: am I the only person who pays attention to acknowledgements? It’s a little like reading a personal letter from the author, only it’s there for all the world to see! On the one hand it gives me a sense of who this person is in real life. On the other, it’s kind of like reading a long inside joke that you have no part of. So I want to know:

BONUS! The part where I introduce you to a handy dandy new tool just because I have a kind heart! In case you missed Kaite’s and my post about summer reading, here’s a relatively new website we’re excited to start using: What Should I Read Next? All you have to do is enter in one of your favourite novels, and it will generate a list of similar books based on user’s ratings. A great way to get ideas and recommendations! Why didn’t Dr. Internet come up with a cure for this classic ailment sooner?


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