Acceleration, Graham McNamee

I wasn’t going to do a review for this one, but it happens so seldom that one randomly picks up a book they end up liking. Now I owe it to this book to do a little write-up.

This YA thriller that is fast, edgy, dark and frequently funny. It follows 17-year-old Duncan, who works in the Toronto Transit Authority’s lost and found department. It’s a soul-crushing summer job with few perks; not even a window to look out of in the dark underground. Then one day Duncan comes across a book. He starts reading and soon finds out he can’t stop. Inside is the journal of a madman, who sounds like he’s gearing up to kill somebody.

After a tragedy that left Duncan feeling guilty and grief-stricken, he makes it his very own mission to find the creep who wrote this book, and somehow prevent him from doing something terrible. This is the part where the reader wants to shake some sense into the protagonist, yelling something along the lines of “what are you thinking!?” However, his single-mindedness about searching down this potential killer, with the help of his not-too-bright slacker friends, is exactly what makes you read faster. McNamee did a splendid job balancing the realistically dark thoughts of a psychopath with the often hilarious quips and antics of Duncan, Wayne and Vinny.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the easy-exit ending. After keeping me on my toes, it dropped off too quickly for my liking. I would give this book a high 4 stars out of 5 , but the ending pushes it down to 3. That said, I’d be curious to search out more from this odd and fascinating author in future.


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