Topics that Keep Me From Reading a Book

This weekly meme brought to you by the Broke and the Bookish!

This weekly meme brought to you by the Broke and the Bookish!

There are not many topics I won’t read about, as long as they’re well-researched and creatively approached. But even I must draw the line somewhere! Following is my list of words, topics, and types of books I generally steer clear of.

Soft Cover Romance Novels. I once made the mistake of downloading one of the Outlander books from my online library. Now every time I log in to my account my “Recommended for You” section is filled with such winning titles as Bedding a Highlander and Never Trust a Scoundrel. Just no.

Amish Romance Novels. Inside (and out of) the Christian publishing world these have blown up over the last few years. Trendiness is the main reason I don’t touch them, but here’s the real deal: I can understand why “the simple life” and a more “moral” take on romance is so appealing, but the reality is that most Amish themselves would find these novels at best highly inaccurate or at worst, offensive. “Write what you know” is still a good adage for authors. If you didn’t grow up Amish, I ain’t reading your book about it.

Dieting, fiction or otherwise. I don’t need to read about some quirky-funny girl with body image issues and a stubborn propensity toward chocolate cake. In the same vein, I can no longer read about Shopaholics, either. I’m all for “chick-lit” done right, but I have little patience for the vapid.

Space ships, Aliens, Body Snatching. This is one corner of the sci-fi world I have yet to explore. At least, that is, past the first 50 pages of War of the Worlds…which I gave up on.

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. I don’t get any of these fads. I don’t care how you spin it or package it, because all of these are awful to begin with. And on that note, other books I won’t read on principal are…

Disrespectful Money-Grabbing Knockoffs. It all started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Jane Austen would be rolling in her grave (no puns intended) if she knew the extent to which her so carefully chosen words were being stretched, re-framed, and abused these days. Now we’ve got everything from Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters to Mansfield Park and Mummies. And Austen isn’t the only victim! Other atrocities include Little Women and Werewolves, Jane Slayre, Alice in Zombieland, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead. I am disgusted.

Horror. Mystical gross-out creatures aside, if it affects the way I sleep, it’s not the book for me.

Old People. I know this makes me seem ageist, but elders are one demographic I don’t really care to read about. Just as reading a book about an infant would probably be quite boring, so it is once you’re back in diapers. Hey, I can’t help it if teens are the ones stuck in impossible love-triangles, choosing factions, and mobilizing their friends to change the world! More entertaining stuff happens to adolescents, and that’s clearly irrefutable.

“Based on the Major Motion Picture”. It’s one thing to put the movie cover on the book. It’s quite another thing to write an entire book based on a movie. Adaptations should go novel to film, not the other way around.

What about you? Do you agree with my list or not? Sound off in the comments!


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  2. These are good ones that I hadn’t thought of when I made my list! I tend to avoid the knock-offs too, and the covers of the pb romance novels are too funny.

  3. I agree with absolutely everything except for the Shopaholic books. I see them for what they are, silly chick lit, but they, more than any other books I have EVER read, make me laugh out loud. Kinsella creates some great humour in those books and even besides that, they’re not so bad.

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