November forecast calls for insanity

nanowrimoNow that you have the scoop on Kaite’s life in the library, it’s time for a little (one month pre-mature) update of my own. Ever since I heard about it, I’ve wanted to participate, and this is the year it will finally happen: I’m registered and ready for National Novel Writing Month, AKA “NaNoWriMo”. The festivities take place in November.

The point of this endeavor is to finish a novel – that is, 50,000 words – in thirty days. Anyone who completes this ridiculous goal (it breaks down to 1667 words per day) “wins”. The point is not to turn out quality fiction, but merely to have fun. Things I look forward to about it:

  • Breaking my bad habit of editing as I go
  • No time to second guess my ideas or scrap the whole thing
  • Pep talks and writing tips from published authors and prestigious others in my inbox
  • My friends can read whatever I churn out by December 1 – and if it sucks, who cares! I only wrote it in a month!

Things that terrify me about it:

  • It’s not a matter of “if”. This novel will suck.
  • There won’t be enough time for normal life, weekends, or leisure.
  • Sure, I have the rest of my life to edit it, but let me reiterate: it’s gonna suck. Will finishing be the easy part?

I tell you all this so that those of you who follow A Novel Thing won’t be bummed when we post even less. It means we’re busy with other bookish things. I do, however, plan to post occasionally through the month of November with updates and thoughts about NaNoWriMo. Please also see this as your invitation to join me in this crazy challenge! Visit the official site and experience “thirty days and nights of literary abandon!”

Finally, the question almost no one is asking: do I know what I want to write about? Do I ever! My thirty-day novel =


Clearly a masterpiece in the making.


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