Pushing Past the Halfway Point

nanowrimoA mid-way update, having made it past the dreaded Week Two of National Novel Writing Month!

November 15th snuck up on me, but not fast enough that I’ve fallen behind on my word count! As of mid-month I have written 26,205 words towards my 50,000-word novel, which is (if you’re good at math) a little past schedule.  Obviously I haven’t kept up with my self-imposed 2,000-words-per-day, but I usually get past the mandatory daily 1,667. So quantity-wise, everything is still going well!

Now, if we’re talking quality, that’s a different story. I said before how I feared the writing of this might be the easy part. To edit this thing will be the real hassle. Not only is my as-yet-unnamed novel a little disjointed, but for some reason my usually pretty detailed writing is lacking detail. Pushing toward this word count, for some reason, makes me push past scenes that might take some more finesse (and therefore time). Not to mention I’m now thinking about completely changing the time and place! (See, I realized I could move everything that’s happening in this story up about fifty years without making any MAJOR changes to the plot structure. This is not the mark of an historical fiction, which is what I thought my book was. FAIL.) Also, I should mention…I went there…I used the phrase “willy-nilly” in my own novel. Basically I can never forgive myself (and I’m taking suggestions for synonyms).

From Little Tiger Press, a book I should like to read (and the kind I’d rather write).

But do you see what’s happening here?! I’m forced to keep writing what I already have, worrying about those major changes later. My running list of ‘things to look out for when editing begins’ gets longer each day, but then again, so does my story. Which is great! I have all the regular doubts that hit me at the half-way point, but writing at this speed also forces me to ignore them. For now, I must continue with the story I desperately wanted to start three short weeks ago. Because I realize that until this month, every novel I’ve started has been shelved or abandoned far prior to 26,000 words. Because this time, quitting is not an option.

Some Wordy Anecdotes & Lessons Learned:

  • So far I’ve had trouble spelling: hoards (it came out ‘hoardes’); jewelry or jewellery (which stupidly has two spelling and I therefore always mix them up); dagger (for some reason I want to call it a daggar); but that’s probably no thanks to Daguerreotype (though I don’t really hold this last one against myself).
  • As we learned from Michael Scott’s screenplay error, word replacements don’t always work. In trying to replace every instance of the word ‘cabin’ with the word ‘cottage’, I invented a new hybrid word: cottageet. What a smelly-sounding word.
  • I write best first thing in the morning, before doing anything else. It’s best to live a little in your own world before the real one. Otherwise the real world wants to keep you in its death grip all day.
  • Inspiration comes and goes, but words still have a way of emerging when you make yourself sit down and GIT-R-DONE!

As always, for those of you who found me because you’re also a WriMo, feel free to check me out.


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