View from the Winner’s Circle

nanowrimoSo it’s December 2nd, which means National Novel Writing Month has been over for two whole days. Wanna know the crazy part? For me it’s been over for 4! That’s right, folks. I finished the required 50,000 words November 28, making me a “winner”.

To be clear, my book is not complete – it is 50,000 words complete. There are likely 10,000-15,000 more waiting to be written. Then the dreaded hacking every passage I don’t need! It will be a while before the book itself is complete. I’m not complaining though! This is further than I’ve ever gone with any of my stories. Until now I’ve been queen of the short short so this is quite a feat.

Some Thoughts About the Exercise:

  • Should I liken NaNoWriMo to a sprint or a marathon? Some days it felt like one, some days it felt like the other. Some days it was a walk in the park.

    That’s right, I earned this badge.

  • Sometimes it was lonely. Even though NaNo encourages “write-ins”, I just can’t see writing as a social event. And, more apparently, there where a couple occasions when I had to give up my own social activities because I hadn’t finished my word count. No wonder writers tend to be introverts!
  • It was really really fun. Who cares if the only people I talked to for hours on end each day aren’t real? Writing is the most socially-acceptable way to keep imaginary friends, and I love that about it. You get to say things you’d never say in real life, and go places no one’s ever been. Not to mention the amazing feeling of “accomplishing” something at the end of the day.
  • I do really well with outside pressure. I haven’t written more than 500 words a day since completing the initial word count. Oops? My new goal is to finish a rough draft by Christmas. Hold me to it, okay people?

Thanks for following this adventure with me! For more about NaNoWriMo, click here.


6 responses

  1. Congrats on the NaNoWriMo success! Also, I can totally relate to the outside pressure thought.
    There’s something about having an actual deadline that makes me get the work done. Without them, I could procrastinate forever.
    Oh, and the missing social event totally happened on my end too. There was an entire weekend where the only word I said to my floormates was “hey”. That was a good weekend for my novel, though!

  2. Congratulations! I’m in the same boat on needing to finish my story but struggling without the outside pressure. I haven’t typed a letter since 11/29. I hope to hop out of bed bright and early to hit it before work tomorrow!

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