The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

First hardcover edition by Doubleday (2011)

Every time I walked by this novel I picked it up, looked at the price then sighed and walked away. The title of it was captivating, the story compelling, but I just couldn’t bare to hand over $20+ on a book I’d probably only read once. Thankfully softcover novels are not nearly as expensive as hard covers, which is why the moment I saw it as a softcover, I knew I needed to have it. Fortunately this story did not fail my expectations.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a beautifully-written tale that incorporates both magic and reality, often blurring the line between the two. Celia and Marco are protégés of two famous rival illusionists in the early 20th century. Together they are responsible for a circus that travels throughout the world, only coming out at night. The people involved in the circus are unchanging, never growing old, and the magic that happens in the circus appears to be real, drawing audience members to the circus for decades.

Morgenstern is a gifted writer, carefully laying out the plot in order to captivate and allure those reading the story. A picture was painted in my mind and I was drawn to the characters as well, even though we didn’t have anything in common. I particularly liked Morgenstern’s ability to write from different perspectives and different time periods. In other words, the novel was not one dimensional. Within the novel different complexities made the story alluring and made me want to read more.

Despite being a well-written and original story, I feel as if the writer struggled to conclude the novel. I think that combining fantasy and reality can be difficult and can be confusing to the reader as it is not always clear when the line is drawn between the two. Within the very last chapter, I found that Morgenstern began to flounder. How could she wrap up the story into a nice little package? Well, I don’t believe she could. Morgenstern had developed such a complex story that it was almost impossible to conclude the novel and so, as the reader, I was left confused.

Unfortunately I cannot go in to much detail regarding the end of the book without ruining the story completely,  but what I will say is that, despite the confusing ending, the novel is worth picking up. Maybe you’ll disagree with me. Maybe there was something about the end of the novel that I missed completely. Let me know, okay?

Overall, The Night Circus is a book that deserves to be read. If you like magic, adventure, history and romance then this is the book for you!